Research Interests

  1. Behaviour and Durability of Concrete Structure

  2. Fibre Reinforced Polymer reinforced concrete structures

  3. Reinforced Concrete Bridge Retrofits

  4. Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Substructures

  5. Reinforced Concrete Rehabilitation Technique

Journal Publications

  1. Zhang, J., Fowai, I., & Sun, K. (2016). A glance at offshore wind turbine foundation structures. Brodogradnja: Teorija i praksa brodogradnje i pomorske tehnike, 67(2), 101-113.

  2. Fowai, I., Zhang, J.,& Sun, K. (2020). Structural Analysis of Jacket Foundations in Transitional Water (Submitted)

Conference Publications


I.Fowai. " Structural Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Substructures" Master's Thesis. Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China

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