My name is Issa Fowai, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Ottawa. I work on this exciting research on a Major Canadian bridge recently deconstructed in Montreal due to extensive structural deterioration. My Ph.D. project at the University of Ottawa focuses on understanding the causes and extent of the durability-related problems pertinent to the composites materials used for rehabilitating the bridge.Prior to the University of Ottawa, I studied and worked in China for eleven years. I completed my Bachelor's and master of engineering degrees at Harbin Engineering University, China.

Deconstruction of the old Champlain bridge after nearly six decades in service has presented us with a unique opportunity to investigate the performance of a viable approach of rehabilitating existing ageing bridge structures using composites materials. This research will assess the condition of the carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) retrofits on full-size bridge diaphragms used more than a decade before decommissioning of the bridge.

The research aims to develop innovative tools (practical tests, numerical models, etc.) with the capability to assess CFRP conditions under realistic service conditions quantitatively. Evaluating the durability of the CFRP-concrete bond interface after decades of outdoor exposure will be accomplished through a series of destructive and non destructive testing techniques. 

Knowledge acquired from this research and development project will help us build and repair better in the future. The research is supervised by experts in rehabilitation techniques (Primary supervisor: Dr. Martin Noel), corrosion and finite element modeling (Dr. Martin-Perez), concrete material testing, and concrete technology (Dr. Sanchez) at our well-equipped UOttawa structural laboratory.

For more info relating to work on the Champlain Bridge, Please check:                                                     OR        https://www.samueldechamplainbridge.ca. 


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