Issa Fowai

My name is Issa Fowai, a Ph.D. engineering student at the University of Ottawa. Here at uOttawa, I have this unique opportunity to be a part of a team researching the decommissioned Champlain bridge. My research focuses on the field performance of the FRP retrofit on the bridge diaphragms. The project will combine both experimental and numerical analysis using the Finite Element Method. I completed my Bachelor's and master of engineering degrees at Harbin Engineering University. Prior to my master's graduation, I carried out a short-term internship at SIIT Thammasat University, Thailand. Before pursuing my Ph.D., I lectured fundamental mechanics to first-year international students. I have been in the Edexcel A-Level teaching field for almost five years. I started as a part-time IGCSE and A-Level mathematics teacher both in the classroom and online. With my extensive background in teaching mathematics and mechanics to high school pupils, I would like to dedicate my free time to tutoring A-level students in mathematics and mechanics. I am a highly motivated and hardworking teacher with excellent interpersonal communication skills. I possess a strong track record in improving test scores for A level students in mathematics and mechanics. I am a sports enthusiast with a profound interest in soccer and sprinting. My career ambition is to become a civil engineer with an emphasis on concrete structures and mechanics.